Nude Yoga, Gunstreet Guru’s and ‘Zen and the art of shutting the fuck up.’

The concept of impermanence. All things pass, one form to another, the petals of a flower fall, the leaves of a tree too, tits sag and pubes go gray. The enso. The circle starts and the circle ends, one stroke. This is Zen. This is also beer talking. Several years ago, when I lived in […]

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That one doesn’t go there.

I woke up this morning reeking of hash and stale booze. My world was spinning like a top that had been loosed upon the earth by a tornado and I immediately tried to steady myself by grabbing a hold of my wall and giving it tender kisses with my naked forehead. This continued for far […]

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Sean Ball is a bitter and malodorous student of theatre at the university of liver failure. Sean Ball enjoys writing in the third person and seeing his name in print.